Bagpipes and Accessories

The Bagpipe Shop - Adelaide 

All prices are in Australian Dollars and do not include postage and handling.

TO ORDER: Email us at or call us on 0430 726 618. All items are shown in the photo albums on the School of Piping Shop page on Facebook or alternatively visit our ebay store to order selected items and learners packages online by clicking HERE


McCallum Bagpipes (from $1495)

Duncan MacRae Bagpipes 

David Naill and Co. Bagpipes  

**Many other reputable brands and also small pipes, folk pipes, etc. available to order, tried, tested and set up to your requirements. Enquire for package pricing with everything you need included. 

Every bagpipe is individually quoted and assembled to your own specifications and to fit you personally.

Drone Reeds

Ezeedrone Reeds $119 with inverted bass $129 Increased Absorption reeds $139

Balance Tone HR Drone Reeds $154

Selbie Drone Reeds $145

Canning Reeds $149

MG White Carbon Drone Reeds $180

MG Carbon Bass $95

Faloon Bass $95

Kinnaird Carbon Reeds $180 Evolution $180 Edge $220 (Bass $95 Edge Bass $115)

Premium Quality Cane Drone Reeds $65 set

**Various individual bass reeds and sets with custom bass variables available.

Chanter Reeds

We always stock a variety of quality Bagpipe Chanter reeds from $29 - $30 ea

(G1 Platinum, McPhee, Gilmour, Shepherd, Megarity, Melvin and more)

Practice Chanter (Warnock) $15 ea, Gibson $25 ea

Bagpipe Chanters

McCallum poly chanter $290

McCallum MK3 wood chanter $550

McCallum MC2 wood solo chanter $575

Shepherd Classic MK3 or Orchestral poly chanter $290

David Naill and Co wood solo chanter $590

Bruce Gandy wood chanter $550

Bruce Gandy Poly chanter $290

**Others available on order, matching band sets available and set up.

Practice Chanters and Electronic Chanters

MacCallum PC2 standard practice chanter (no mounts) $99

MacCallum PC4 long practice chanter (no mounts) $139

MacCallum PC3 standard practice chanter (poly and imm ivory mounts) $149

MacCallum PC5 long practice chanter (poly and imm ivory mounts) $169 

MacCallum PC6 standard practice chanter (African Blackwood Bottom) $235

MacCallum PC8 long practice chanter (African Blackwood Bottom) $335

David Naill & Co Long wood chanter, poly top with Moisture trap $359

Blair Electronic Chanter $895 engraved $1055

**Other brands and models available on order 

Bags and Seasoning

Ross composite zip bag $285 Leather $320

Ross composite zip bag (complete with canister) $380 Leather $415

Bannatyne composite hide zip bag $320 

Bannatyne synthetc zip bag $210

Gannaway standard bag (all other variants also available) $320

Robertsons bag seasoning $29

Gannaway Highlander seasoning $25

Bag Tying Service $60

Moisture Control Systems

Moose MCS drones only $90

Bannatyne’s canister and hoses $129

Bannatyne’s dri flo (drones only) $110

Ross canister and hoses $105

Shepherd tone enhancers $65

Moose hoses (for Ross Canister drones only) $60

Split stock with hose $120

Split stock with hose and canister $180

Water trap (respirator hose style) $30

Trap Dri (in-line unit) $40 full hose system $65

Bag Covers and Cords

Premium Quality Velvet zip cover with non-slip patch $132

Silk Cords $59

Dycem non-slip patch (X2) $15 (blue or black available)

Pipe Cases

Bagpiper Case $229

Bagpiper Backpack Trolley Case $229

Bagpiper Explorer Case $299

Tuners and Gauges

Bagpipe Pressure Gauge (dial type) $55 available from publications page on this site.

HBT-C1 Bagpipe Tuners $289

New Blair Tuner $154

Case $25 Mic $59

Maintenance Items and Accessories

School of Piping maintenance kit zipper bag (fill to create your own kit) $25 bag only

Chanter caps $25

Humidified chanter caps $125

Boveda refills 84% or 72% $5ea

Waxed hemp (yellow or black) $20

Natural genuine hemp (unwaxed) $18

Utility knife $15

Rubber blowpipe valves $12

Lil Mac valves $25

Moose valves $45

Adjustable length blowsticks with removable mouthpiece $150 Ayrshire Bigbore $150

Various size mouthpieces $25, oval or bent $35

Rubber mouthpiece guards $6 ea

Black tuning tape (non slip) $12

Tunetape (clear) $12

Deburring tool (for enlarging chanter holes) $25

Chanter reed storage case $15

Premium Rubber stoppers ( for Stocks) set of 4 $12

Premium Rubber stoppers (for drone tops) set of 3 $9

McCallum Drone Valves $65

McCallum Drone Extenders $60

McCallum ETY ear plugs $35

Bagpipe Cleaning Products

Bagpipe pull through $10

Cleaning brush set of 4 nylon $25

Cleaning brush set of 2 soft cotton $25

Cleaning brush set of 5 (3 nylon, 2 cotton) $50

Silk swab $30

Premium Instrument Oils and Waxes

The Maker’s Choice Natural Bore Oil $15

The Maker’s Choice Premium Instrument Wax (external) $25 

The Maker’s Choice Natural Joint Lubricant (will not affect waxed hemp) $10

The Maker’s Choice Premium Bees Wax $10

Cobblers wax $10

Oiling Rod $25

Adjustable Humidifier and hygrometer $65

Uniforms, kilt outfits etc.

We can supply a wide range of quality kilts, jackets and accessories.