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The School of Piping was established in 1982 to provide quality piping lessons for local students.  Our shop began supplying our local community in 1985. Due to many remote learners having limited access to good tuition we developed our website to provide interesting, entertaining material and educational support for pipers around the world, including our online shop for bagpipes and accessories and our own publications.

Historical information, photo albums, independent reviews of bagpipe products, the latest technical articles, sound files and audio lessons are all now available online. The products and services that we offer in our shop assist in funding our unique services. These products include:

The School of Piping, being an online resource, is continuously updated. The intention is to provide the latest information and tips on how to get the best results from your bagpipe and to help improve your piping knowledge and playing ability. The School of Piping is an online piping workshop, accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Brett Tidswell, Director of the School of Piping and longest serving National Piping Principal, Australian Pipe Band College